Ombre Purple Human Hair Wigs

​The unit is lace front wig with pre plucked hairline. So beautiful! We use only the finest 100% 7A Remy human hair to create this beautiful hair for you, with the top quality hair allow you to curl, straighten and style perfectly for any occasion. It’s in 130% density, short length in 10 inches allows you to easily style it, like a high ponytail, the high bun or the half up, this darling, features a subtly seductive slight curl at the bottom. It is in ombre purple color with black roots for a natural look.

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Product Details

1. Hair Grade: 7A Remy Hair. (8A Virgin/9A Virgin Hair/Can Be Choosed)

2. The Length: 10inch. (8-28 inches in stock)

3. Hair Density: 130%. (150%/180%/200%/250%/Can choose)

4. Hair Style: Short Straight Wig.

5. Hair Color: Ombre Purple.

6. Cap Construction: Lace Front. (Full Lace/Silk Top/Can choose)

7. Lace Color: Medium Brown. (Transparent/Light/Dark/Can Be Customized)

8. Cap Size: Medium size 22.5 inch. (Small/Large/ Can Choose)

9. Handing Time: 3-5 days. (Without Customization)

10. Shipping by FedEx/DHL. (3-5Business Days)

Hairline & Baby Hair: YES

Elastic Band + Combs: YES


What is a Lace Front Wig?
You have probably heard about lace front wigs, but maybe you’re not exactly sure what they’re made out of or how do they work. It is a type of wig that consists of sheer lace at the front, going from one temple to the other with strands of hair that are sewn into the lace itself. The rest of the wig is made out of a sturdier material which ensures longevity and safety. You will also find three combs attached to the cap which makes attaching the wig even more secure. The lace that covers your front hairline gives an illusion of hair growing out of your scalp and that’s what makes this wig completely undetectable. 

How often should I wash my human hair wig?

We would suggest washing your wig every 10-14 days. The wash cycle also depends on each individual according to how often the wig is worn, what products were applied to the wig, etc. 


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