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How To Use False Eyelashes
- Dec 07, 2018 -

With the curvature and length of the eye, trim the long eyelashes at the end of the false eyelashes; apply a proper amount of eyelash glue evenly to the roots, and let it stand for 20 seconds to maximize the viscosity of the eyelashes; follow the roots of the eyelashes in order The eye, the eye, and the end of the eye are lightly pressed to fit the true eyelashes. Before adjusting the eye shape with the small tweezers before the eyelash glue is completely dry, the position is determined. Use the eyelash curler to gently clamp the true and false eyelashes together. The separation of true and false eyelashes will make the eyes weaken; use the long-length mascara to make the true and false eyelashes fit closely; use the eyeliner to fill the true and false eyelashes, and then adjust the eye shape to complete.