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Product Classification Of False Eyelashes
- Dec 07, 2018 -

According to the work can be divided into manual eyelashes, semi-hand eyelashes, and mechanism eyelashes.

Hand-made eyelashes: Hand-made, one by one, the eyelashes are pulled up, work fine, convenient and practical. However, the process is complicated and the output is limited by labor.

Semi-hand lashes: The first few processes use machines, and the latter two processes are also artificial. The lashes are relatively flat and look good.

Mechanism Eyelashes: Mainly machine-made, but a small part will use labor. The product has a beautiful appearance, low cost and large output.

According to the purpose: cloth doll eyelashes, film eyelashes, artificial eyelashes, holiday hair, daily eyelashes.

Doll Eyelashes: It is an eyelash for dolls and other dolls.

Film-type eyelashes: After wearing, the three-dimensional effect of the eyes is very obvious, suitable for photographic makeup, stage makeup and so on.

Simulated eyelashes: It is a uniquely designed and individualized eyelash. The material is basically very realistic and true eyelashes. It is longer and denser than other kinds. It is suitable for drama, stage performance or special makeup.

Holiday Eyelashes: Halloween, Ghost Festival, Carnival, Football Festival, etc.

According to the material, it is mainly divided into: fiber eyelashes, human hair lashes, animal hair lashes, feather lashes, metallic bright eyelashes, and paper eyelashes.

According to the style: exaggeration, daily use, industrial use.

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