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Wig Cleaning Step
- Dec 07, 2018 -

Step1: Prepare

1. Combine the wigs that need to be cleaned (remarks: short hair does not need to be combed);

2. Prepare a proper amount of warm water (about 30 degrees Celsius) and add a small amount of neutral shampoo;

3. Stir the shampoo and foam.

Step2: Cleaning

1. Turn the wig over, put the inner net outward, put it in the prepared shampoo, and soak for 5 minutes;

2. Gently tap or lightly remove a few stains (Note: Do not rub);

3. Put the washed product in clean water to rinse the foam.

Step3: Nursing

1. Add a neutral conditioner in an appropriate amount of warm water and mix thoroughly;

2. Immerse the cleaned product in water and soak for 8-10 minutes.

Step4: Modeling

1. After the nursing is completed, gently shake off the water drops, or tap the product with a cotton towel to absorb the water;

2. Place the semi-dry product on the operation table and comb it with a steel tooth comb;

3. Place it in a cool, ventilated place and dry it naturally (Note: long straight hair should be left floating);

4. Cover the silk hair net to isolate the dust while maintaining the shape.

Step5: Save

1. Remove the dried wig from the stand and shake it a few times to restore the shape;

2. Insert the wig into the liner;

3. Cover the silk hair net to maintain the wig shape;

4. Place the wig in the box and keep it in a safe place.